‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’: Go take a look at Club Marina Cove

A swanky event is going on in Sai Kung almost in secret. The International Boat Show at the Club Marina Cove this weekend offers plenty to delight the eye. A gunmetal-grey multi-deck Riva gin palace worth $78 million, the latest Bentleys, kayaks and outboard motors, photographic models posing on yachts with pouted lips, tall Ferreti girls straight from Italy strutting about on stilletoes and in see-through blouses. Blue and white banners fluttering in the sea breeze. This is an event with a lot going for it. But hardly anyone seems to know. A few blokes were turning up in kick-ass cars: one chap in a flat cap was offering his best profile in a yellow Lamborghini, another fellow in a Panama hat sat in solitary splendour atop an over-grown, open-top powder-blue Bentley. “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”; it was all there. Except it wasn’t: customers and plain gawking visitors had all done a Macavity.

Mini Wong of Bentley poses with one of their latest models.


At noon on Saturday a BUZZ staffer asked Adelaine Lee of the Club Marina Cove where the crowds were.  She said fewer people had turned up this year compared to last.  Numbers would rise in the afternoon, she thought, and perhaps tomorrow, 3 December, the boat show’s last day.

It is an event well worth attending. Entry is free. You can wander around the booths sampling the beverages and admiring the models, aquatic or otherwise, then tramp out on the floating pontoons eyeing the toys for the rich and if you are not in the top one per cent, considering whether you would like that new kayak or perhaps a rubber run-about with a couple of 300hp outboard motors on the stern. There is a cafeteria overlooking the colourful scene where you can relax when you’ve had enough rubber-necking.

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